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Let your flooring dreams come true. We can instal a variety of flooring types from exotic hardwoods from around the world, to prefinished flooring, luxury vinyl plank, and engineered flooring. We want to make the dream for your home become a reality. You get to choose the wood species, board width, pattern, and color. We have a variety of products for you to choose from to finish your floors.

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Life happens, the dishwasher breaks while you are on vacation and you come home to your beautiful floors and they are ruined. Our skilled craftsman can fix it. They can lace in new boards where the damaged boards are and then stain and finish them to match the rest of your floors.


Style changes over the years and colors people once liked now might be out of style. That is the beauty of hardwood floors. We can sand your old floors to remove the color you do not like and apply a new stain color to the floor. To achieve your desired look for your floors. 

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