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Client Testimonials

Don Francis

It's hard to know where to begin this review because there's so much to say about DCQ and how professionally they handled themselves from day one. Here's a brief overview of my flooring story...I live in a house that was built in 1930. I've lived here 24 years and the floors have always been covered by carpeting - which was brand new when I moved in, but it was time to get rid of it. I always wondered if there was an original hardwood floor underneath, and if so, could it be restored. I hired DCQ and found out that there was indeed hardwood -- however it was in really bad condition. DCQ assured me that they had seen worse and could bring the floors back to their original beauty -- and they did just that!! It was a 5-day process from start to finish. I am so very pleased with the outcome. A big shout out to Adrian, their project manager, for his awesome communication skills, kindness, and for always having a smile on his face. He kept me in the loop every step of the way. Also, I want to thank Charles the owner and his very skilled team for doing such great work! Thanks guys! You're all awesome! I am a happy customer!


I normally do all my remodel work, however lack of time was preventing me from doing the floors. I called several places and the conversation and the pricing was all over the place. DCQ and Charles was the one conversation I knew he had done this a while and knew he was competent. Keep in mind I use to do floors in the 90s. I asked for references from everyone and he is the only one in a matter of 30 minutes that had sent them. The others said they would and never did. This is the first time I have allowed someone to do a job for me. I am very particular about attention to detail. Charles and team laid the remaining floor and refinished the 30 year old floors to make them all match. Normally most floor companies will leave waves in the floor from sanding and corners and edges are lacking. He hit all of the points I was afraid of them missing. They put up with my constant feedback almost on a daily basis and delivered a job that I am confident that is far better than I could do and much better than most “professional” jobs I have seen. When the job was compete a cleaning crew came in and for 4 hours made the area completely spotless. If you need any more info about these guys hit me up. They are absolutely the real deal, decent priced and deliver a much higher quality job then anyone else you are going to call. Thanks Charles for putting up with me and the work you did!

Tess Brown

Charles and his team are excellent to work with for hardwood installation.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for new flooring. Free quotes up front and Charles does great job walking you throu
gh the entire process.
Good people!


Charles and his crew are great guys and work to make sure you are happy. They did a phenomenal job on our floors. They removed carpet from the living room, hallways, and stairs and matched the kitchen floors perfectly. They are very meticulous and even took samples of the old kitchen floor to know what kind of wood to put down in the living room. In the end, you can’t tell a difference which is “old” and which is new. My husband and I are so incredibly happy with the result and even happier we went with DCQ flooring.
-Lisa Rose

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